Congratulations and blessings on your upcoming nuptials!  The Church is here to support you throughout your engagement, wedding, and marriage. The Church of England welcomes you to marry in the church whatever your beliefs, whether or not you are christened and whether or not you regularly go to church.  More information about the Church of England wedding can be found from the Church of England Wedding webpage. The Chaplain is permitted to conduct a full Marriage service in Finland.

The Chaplaincy Council has passed a resolution, in line with the Diocesan policy, that the Church of England’s parochial fees apply in the Chaplaincy. However, the Diocese in Europe differs much from other English dioceses and therefore some descretion is given to the local Chaplaincy Councils to decide the level of fees for marriages and other church services. From this table (in Word format) the fee to be paid for the Parochial Church Council is £226. As there is no fixed exchange rate, the Chaplaincy Council suggest that the fee payable should be equivalent sum in Euros (€226). This is to be paid to the Chaplaincy’s account. No fees should be paid directly to the officiating priest. 

Pre-Wedding Checklist

Venue:  The Anglican Church in Finland does not own its own property. Therefore, the wedding couple must book the venue for the service.  The venue must meet the requirements set by the Church of England; please ask the Chaplain for more details.

Musician:  When booking the Church, ask about the musician (organist). Some parishes might appoint an organist for you.  If needed, the Anglican Church may be able to find an organist.  In this case, we would need advance warning as soon as possible.

Certificate of No Impediments:  You must seek a certificate from your Local Register Offices (Maistraatti). This same paper works as proof of your marriage after the service. It is advisable to contact the Magistrate approximately three months before the wedding day to allow for enough time for filing paperwork, if one of you is a foreign national. Preparing for matrimony: The Church views marriage vows as a covenant—a solemn oath made by a husband and wife to each other and to God. Before entering into these vows, it is a good idea to discuss your thoughts and expectations for marriage. The Chaplain is available to meet with the couple before (and indeed after!) the wedding. He is not so much interested in finding themes for his speech as he is in getting to know you as a couple!

Reading of banns:  Banns (an announcement in church of your intention to marry) are read on the three Sundays prior to your wedding.  However, it is not possible to be married by banns only. Please keep in mind the Anglican Church in Finland does not benefit from the Church tax nor is there any obligation to pay membership fees. Therefore, we ask for a voluntary contribution for marriage services.