“The Window” & the Anglican-Lutheran Society

Though being formed and being active all ready since 1984, the Anglican Lutheran Society might be new to some of you. Anglican Lutheran Society aims to promote a wider interest in and knowledge of our respective traditions and common developments, to develop opportunities for common worship, study, friendship and witness, and to encourage prayer for the unity of the Church and especially between Anglicans and Lutherans world wide.

In their publication “The Window”, October issue introduced a variety of aspects to read about. Page 18 presents The Most Rev Dr Tapio Luoma, the Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, as he was interviewed about his role as a ‘Thursdays in Black Ambassador. According to Revd Luoma: “Each generation must therefore recognize where people’s rights are being violated and involve themselves in advocacy on their behalf.”

Page 21 presents the Roman Catholic perspective to the past 60 years of ecumenical relations. It provides some excellent background to the Roman Catholic Church’s engagement in the ecumenical process since the Second Vatican Council and also touches the new multilateral body in which the Catholic Church is actively involved: the Global Christian Forum (GCF).

Page 25 presents a text from Revd Clare Amos, a former programme coordinator for Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation at the World Council of Churches, and a former director of theological studies in the Anglican Communion Office in London. She writes about how Orthodox and Anglican appeals from 1920 remain inspiration for unity today. Revd Amos notes that: “Looking back on both documents from the perspective of 100 years one can give thanks for what has been achieved.”

Page 31 looks ahead towards The Third Ecumenical Kirchentag which is due to take place from the 12th to 16th May, 2021 in Frankfurt. It is expected to be “hybrid” event due to COVID-19. The first Ecumenical Kirchentag in Berlin in 2003 gathered about 200,000 participants. At the Second Ecumenical Kirchentag in Munich in 2010 there were about 130,000 present. Both previous events had more than 5000 international participants and the organizers hope that some international participation will be possible in 2021, depending on official regulations

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