The Anglican Church in Finland was originally founded by members of the Anglican Chaplaincy in St. Petersburg, fleeing the Russian Revolution. It is likely that they first stayed in Viipuri before moving further West to Helsinki. The first recorded Anglican service in Finland took place in 1923- although it’s possible services were held before then.

Chaplains were linked with the British Embassies in Helsinki and Moscow until 1993. They were based in Helsinki and traveled once a month in to Moscow and once a year to Ulan Bataar. Currently, the Anglican Church in Finland also encompasses work done in Estonia, and annual trips are made to foster our relationship with Revd Gustav Piir and his congregation.

Over the years, services have been held in a multitude of locations. Members who have been with the St. Nicholas Chaplaincy for fifty years remember celebrating the Eucharist in the Chaplain’s personal flat. St. Nicholas Chaplaincy currently worships at Agricola Church as part of our common service with the Finnish Lutheran Church.

Previous Chaplains

Frank North, Chaplain to Helsinki and Moscow (1920 onwards), Chaplain of St Andrew’s Moscow before he was expelled from Russia

Sydney Linton (1948–1951),[6] first Chaplain after the Second World War
Henry Isherwood (1951–1954), Assistant Bishop (Diocese of Gibraltar) 1974
C. H. Jones (1954–1956) he was the Chaplain of Helsinki already before the Second World War
John Richard Satterthwaite (1956–1957)
John Coulson Rogers (1960–1962)
William Mansfield Masters (1962–1966)
Edward Eric Staples (1966–1980), Chaplain to the Queen 1973
Michael James Pitts (1981–1985), Dean of Christ Church Cathedral (Montreal) 1991
Alan Michael Cole (1986–1990)
Tyler Strand (1990–1993)
Francis Chadwick (1993–1998)
Rupert Robert James Moreton (1998–2011)