Along with the clergy, the following people are serving on the 2014-15 Chaplaincy Council

Violetta Teetor (Churchwarden)
Sarah Frechette (Churchwarden)
Rachel Skinner (Deanery)
Paul Koech (Deanery)
Rebecca Maaranto
Bryan Taylor
Che Abongwa
Joan Eriksson

Please pray for guidance, for creativity, for wisdom, for compassion, and for a love of service for the council members. If you have any ideas, concerns, or a willingness to serve, please contact any member of the council or Revd. Tuomas.

Council Responsibilities

The Chaplaincy Council:

– is elected by and represents the members on the electoral roll of the chaplaincy;
– co-operates with the priest in promoting in the chaplaincy the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical;
– controls finances within the chaplaincy by:
– agreeing a budget and taking responsibility for the income and expenditure;
– preparing annual financial statements to present to the chaplaincy’s AGM; and
– arranging for independent examination or audit of the financial statements;
– consults with the priest on matters concerning the Church of England or any other matter of public or religious interest;
– holds at least four meetings a year;
– is chaired by the priest and appoints a lay vice-chair;
– appoints a secretary, treasurer, safeguarding officer and electoral roll officer (These may or may not be elected members of the Council and may or may not be co-opted as members.);
– conducts its business if a quorum (one third of members) is present;
– decides business by a majority of the members present voting; and
– prepares an annual report to present to the chaplaincy’s AGM.

The Churchwardens:

– as the bishop’s officers, keep the bishop informed about the life of the parish;
– represent the laity and work in close partnership with the priest;
– have a duty of care towards the priest;
– lead the parishioners by setting a good example and by modeling and encouraging unity and cooperation;
– are legally responsible for all the movable property belonging to the chaplaincy;
– ensure proper insurance, maintenance of buildings, grounds and contents of a church (as applicable);
– keep an up to date terrier (written inventory) of the property and valuables owned by the church and produce these lists for inspection at a visitation by the Archdeacon;
– prepare an annual report to present to the chaplaincy’s AGM; and
– serve for a maximum of six years, but are elected for one year at a time.