Porvoo Communion of Churches

The Porvoo Communion is an association of 15 predominantly Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran churches that have signed an agreement to “share a common life in mission and service.”

The communion was established with the Porvoo Common Statement, which was agreed to on 13 October 1992 in Järvenpää, Finland. The statement was given the name of the Finnish city Porvoo because the first Eucharist the churches celebrated together was at the Porvoo Cathedral.

The Anglican and Lutheran churches that agreed to the statement did so because they found themselves with similar histories, facing similar challenges in contemporary society, and with essential similarities in faith, sacramental life and ministry.

The Porvoo Declaration commits the churches that have signed it ‘to share a common life’ and ‘to pray for and with one another’. An important way of doing this is to pray through the year for the Porvoo churches and their Dioceses according to the Prayer Diary. The members of the Porvoo communion also hold regular conferences and consultations.

The Porvoo Declaration allows for mutual Eucharistic hospitality, a limited degree of sharing ordained ministry, and occasional joint celebrations of the Eucharist.

Representatives of churches in the Porvoo Communion at a recent meeting.