Happy New Year!

2014 was a great year. A year of growth in the chaplaincy, a year of new ideas, of returning members, of financial planning. It was great.

But now it’s time to look ahead!

I’ve been thinking of New Year’s Resolutions for St. Nicholas. Little things that our congregation might do to make 2015 a banner year in the life of the chaplaincy. Nothing here is too complicated or daring, so read on and think if we might work together to get some of these ticked off!

  • Sing OUT!  The Psalms instruct us to make a JOYFUL noise unto the Lord.  It doesn’t need to be in tune or full of vibrato- just joyful!  If we all start singing out during the hymns- especially those that we love the most- we could really fill that space with joyful noise!
  • Attend a weekday service.  There’s something special about attending a service NOT on Sunday.  The congregation is usually more intimate, the liturgy slightly different.  Sometimes breaking our normal rhythm helps to refocus our worship.  Besides, a mid-week reminder that Christ loves us, forgives us, and asks us to commune with him everyday (not just on Sundays) is never a bad thing.  Opportunities for mid-week services are plenty.  Look for announcements for Wednesday Eucharists, special saints’ feasts, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Ascension Day,
  • Serve in a way you haven’t served before.  I know we have a hardworking congregation.  And I’m so thankful for the ways in which this congregation volunteers for all sorts of tasks.  But maybe we can change it up in 2015.  This year, find something you HAVEN’T done.  Try acolyting, sing in the choir, set up the church before the service, put away the hymnals, host coffee hour, plan a Sunday School lesson, lead a congregation outing, read a lesson- there are so many different ways of serving that each have their own joys.  You might just find something you love!  And if you don’t love it, try something else!
  • Scoot up two pews.  We’re a steady congregation, just in a huge church!  If we all sat a bit nearer the front, we would feel our congregation’s true size.  Plus, we’d all be able to accomplish resolution 1 (SINGING OUT!) if we could hear each other!
  • Invite someone to church.  There are people in the Helsinki area looking for a church home.  Some of them know we’re here, some of them don’t.  Some of them don’t know what it is to be Anglican, some of them don’t know where we meet.  Getting a personal invitation to a church where they’ll know someone in the congregation might be just what they need.

What resolutions would you add?

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