The Anglican Church in Finland celebrates its Anglican identity with a Sung Eucharist every Sunday morning at Agricola Church in Helsinki. We sing largely English hymns out of the Book of Common Praise. Our choir, the St. Nicholas Singers are an ensemble who sing the Psalm to traditional settings as well as a choral pieces during the Eucharist. The St. Nicholas Singers warmly welcome new members. Indeed, the choir is an excellent way to meet people, to form a bond, and feel truly connected to the church and Helsinki.

Over the years, we have been blessed to have talented musicians among our congregation, with a willingness to serve in a variety of capacities. Directors, organists, pianists- those who play the drums, violin, cello, flute. We appreciate every contribution.

We’re hoping to expand our musical experiences this autumn, to celebrate Anglicanism throughout the world. If you’re interested in sharing your own musical perspective, please let us know. We’re excited to see how we can worship through music!