A message from your friendly neighborhood Churchwarden Sarah!

Last week, Tuomas, Rebecca, and I had a meeting with a financial planner at Nordea. He’s going to give us some suggestions on how best to use the assets we have. We’re also getting an offer from United Bankers and we’ll meet with a property manager to get even more information. At August’s council meeting, the council… will digest the information and settle on what recommendation we make to the congregation. The recommendation will come in the form of an EGM in autumn- stay tuned for the date!

In the meantime, Tuomas, Kristian, and Che trimmed the fat from the budget for this year. I am sincerely happy to report that if we meet our Free Will Offering goal for the year, we will be able to operate as usual.

However, we don’t want to operate as usual! We have big plans! We want to hire an office assistant. There’s been talk of hiring a music director. Revd. Tuomas should receive a raise! All of this can only happen if we can raise money through Free Will Offerings.

The best way for us to do this is through a scheduled, regular direct debit. If 20 people receive this and set up a 20 euro direct debit, that will give the church an extra 400 euros/month. Imagine if we got 20 people to donate 50 euros! Or 100 people to donate 10! No amount is too small (or large!).

Whatever you can offer, know that it will be put to excellent use, guided by professional advice.

The Chaplaincy’s bank account information is as follows:

Anglican Church in Finland
IBAN: FI60 2291 1800 0119 93 (Nordea)
Reference nr. 1009 (optional)

Thank you all and see you Sunday!!

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