“Faith Communities responding to ongoing COVID-19 crisis” Webinar report

How are our leaders leading through uncharted territory, meeting moral obligations of loving our neighbors and ourselves, guiding and caring for our people in an unprecedented time of uncertainty, and holding out hope in the face of despair? Those were the questions the Anglican Church in Finland and the Dublin City Interfaith Forum wanted to find out and discuss together.

Webinar was co-organized 15th May to facilitate mutual sharing between Faith communities in Finland and Ireland. Webinar gave light to the diverse role and devotional and practical responses of Religion during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Revd Katri Kuusikallio (National Forum for Cooperation of Religions) emphasized the importance and power of interfaith dialogue and cooperation during time of crisis. She also shared practices and responses carried out by National Forum for Cooperation of Religions in Finland.

Hilary Abrahamson (Chair of Dublin City Interfaith Forum) raised a concern for children and young people and how they are being catered for. She also shared about the responses DCIF had made.

Revd Alan Hillard (Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Service for TU Dublin) highlighted 6 pains he had identified together with University students while discussing about the current pandemic.

Revd Eeva-Kaisa Heikura (The Evangelical Church in Finland) shared the diverse ways Lutheran Church in Finland had contributed, and yet received feedback saying they are not doing enough. She raised a question about how faith communities could get their message more visible in today’s world.

Chaplain Tuomas Mäkipää (The Anglican Church in Finland) looked at the question from communications point of view. He reminded that religious communities are global communities. In online world, our audience is both national and global. Realizing that might make a significant impact.

Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Glendalough, concluded the webinar stating that, Religious communities are inter fold fabric of the society. He also stressed a need for Theology of Pain, Compassion and Hope.  

To make your own findings, we invite you to please click on the Link to view the Webinar Summary in You Tube.