Three stipends for academic research were announced at the 100th Anniversary reception of the Finnish Ecumenical Council today.

Two out of three recipients have strong links with the Anglican Church. Both Mika Pajunen and Miika Ahola say that they feel to be both Lutheran and Anglican; in the true spirit of the Porvoo Agreement!

Mika Pajunen: “Jumalanpalveluksen muutos ja merkitys” (Changes in Divine worship and their signifigance)

Miika Ahola: “Elements of Communion in the ‘Church: Towards a Common Vision'”

They both hold a Bishop’s Permission to Officiate.

The third recipient, Sari Wagner, is studying eucharistic prayers. The title for her research is: “Das vorausgesetzte und erwünschte Werk des Heiligen Geistes in Epiklesen/Abendmahlsliturgien von vier (westlichen?) Kirchen.”

(In the picture, from left: Mika Pajunen, Tuomas Mäkipää, Miika Ahola)

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