It is time to start the preparations for confirmations in September 2015.
This course is intended to:
– those who are baptized but not yet confirmed
– those who attend the Lutheran confirmation school but wish to be confirmed by an Anglican Bishop NOTE: In this case it might not be necessary for you to attend all the gathering but only those which would give an adequate introduction to the Anglican / Episcopal churches.
– those who hope to be received in to the communion of the Church of England (those who are ‘member’ of another Christian denomination and would like to ‘become’ Anglican) PLEASE NOTE: in this case, it is more to do with your own personal identity than with the regulations of the Church. We welcome people from all the Churches and denominations to participate fully in the life of our community, including the Eucharist, as they are. But there might be reasons why you would like to be received into the Church of England formally.  (In this case perhaps the Pilgrim course would be more suitable for you?)
Those willing to attend are asked to come and sign-up
On Saturday, 24th January at 10 a.m.
in the Chaplain’s office, Tehtaankatu 23 B (courtyard)
(finishing by 1 p.m or earlier)
The aim is to have in total of 10 meetings before the end of May 2015. Final gathering and rehearsal on Saturday 29th August 2015 at 10 a.m. and the Confirmation on Sunday, 6th September at 9.30 a.m. in Mikael Agricola Church, Helsinki.
If you wish to explore the Christian faith but the above course is not for you:
The Pilgrim course is for those who want to explore the Christian faith and find how it can be lived out each day. The Pilgrim course gathers next time onThursday, 22nd January at 6 p.m

in the Chaplain’s office, Tehtaankatu 23 B (courtyard)
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