Recently, I had a conversation with a friend from church. He was talking about when he first came to St. Nicholas and how he wasn’t initially so “committed” (his word) to coming every Sunday. But then another member of our congregation started calling him, encouraging him to join us, encouraging him to join the choir and really become a member of our community. And it was these phone calls, these reminders that someone cares and notices if he’s at church on Sunday, this gentle prodding, this SOMEONE that got him to “commit.”

Hearing him tell his story prompted me to think about my own. What made me choose St. Nicholas as my place of worship? Who was my someone?

Reflecting, I realized I had two “someones.” My first someone, Melanie, invited me to sing in the choir. She was the director at the time, and needed a boost to the alto section. I agreed as a favor to her, not thinking it would be a permanent thing, but happy to help for the short term.

Well. On my first Sunday at church, my second “someone” asked if I would take over selling the Christmas Cards. Since I agreed (without being entirely sure what I was agreeing to), it meant I HAD to be there every Sunday! I had to set out the cards! It was my duty!

And I thank God I was given that duty. I thank God I was given the obligation to return. Because very soon after, I found a home at St. Nicholas, among one of the most genuine, accepting, and open communities I’ve ever come across.

I wouldn’t have known this community if it weren’t for the “someones” who led me to it. The someones who kept me there.

Who was your someone who led you to St. Nicholas- and more importantly- kept you there? How can you be a “someone” to a person trying out St. Nicholas?

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