Baptism, or ‘Christening’ as it is sometimes called, marks the beginning of our Christian journey with God. You are never too old to take this step and being baptized as an adult is a wonderful experience. The person being baptised is not only welcomed into our local Christian congregation, but also into the world-wide Church.  

If you live in Finland, or worship with us on a regular basis, we would be delighted to discuss the possibility of you or your child being baptised. The ceremony usually takes place in the context of the Sunday Eucharist at Mikael Agricola Church, when the whole congregation is present, but the Chaplain is willing to travel to other locations in Finland to preside over a Baptism Service. Please contact the Chaplain for more details

Registering your child’s name & religious affiliation

You will receive a form from the DVV (Digital & Population Data Services Agency) in the post to register your child’s name and their religious affiliation. If you decide to hold the child’s baptism within three months of their birth then we can help you to fill out the necessary information regarding their religious status.  If you are not baptising the child within three months of the birth then you should fill out their name on the form and send it directly back to the DVV as soon as possible.  If the child is baptised in the Anglican Church at a later date, then we can provide advice on how to register their religious affiliation with the DVV.


Godparents do not need to be Anglican, but they must have been baptised. It is hoped that an infant would have at least three Godparents of which at least one is of the opposite sex. For adult baptism, sponsors must also have been baptised.


The Church does not impose a mandatory fee for pastoral services, but any donation is much appreciated.

Request for a search of baptism registrations and providing an extract from registers: we would appreciate a donation to the equivalent of £15

Baptism Certificate:

If you require an Anglican baptism certificate to get married in Church then please send a document that confirms your baptism to the Chaplain and register as an Anglican by completing part 2 of our Electoral Roll Form (Notification of joining a religious community):

Please deliver the completed form to us by mail or by hand, together with proof of baptism.  The Chaplain will then sign and accept this notification and send you an electronic copy of registration paper.  We send the original document to the authorities (the DVV) where your Anglican affiliation will be officially registered

 For more general information you can also visit the Church of England’s website: Church of England Christenings

Baptism Enquiry Form