Our Community

The St. Nicholas Chaplaincy is a diverse and inclusive community.

We are unified in love of Christ and service to other. We are committed to the safeguarding the integrity of creation, and everyone within our community.

We serve Anglicans either resident in or visiting Finland from every part of the world, and also English-speaking Christians of other denominations in Finland. We also encompass work done in Estonia.

Worshipers during a service at St. Nicholas Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy leadership

We wish to ensure good Chaplaincy Administration. 

The Council Members elected for the year 2019 are
Arne Laitinen, Paula Heinisuo, Cateljine Verschuren, Joan Eriksson, Daniel Jack, Henry Rawstorne, Johnson Samuel, Hana Muraya and Chaplain Tuomas Mäkipää. 
The Council Secretary is Virpi Paulanto.

Council Officers
Daniel Jack, Communications Officer
Henry Rawstorne, Environmental Officer 
Sarah Tahvanainen, Youth Officer
Arne Laitinen, Lay Chair
Catelijene Verschuren, Safeguarding Officer