Our Community

We are a diverse and inclusive community. We serve Anglicans either resident in or visiting Finland from every part of the world, and also English-speaking Christians of other denominations in Finland.

We proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. We teach, baptize and nurture new believers. We respond to human need by loving service, participate in transforming unjust structures of society and challenge violence of every kind. We strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

We liaise with churches, our partners and networks in transforming unjust structures of society. Our engagement in the interfaith dialogue is based on our common humanity. The need in a plural world is to work together for common human ends and for neighborliness.

We take environmental concerns fully into account in our mission. We include environmental concerns in our worship, teaching and events especially observing the Earth Hour and Creation tide. We offset of carbon emissions of our Chaplain´s traveling.

Worshipers during a service at St. Nicholas Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy leadership

We wish to ensure good Chaplaincy Administration. 

We secure our financial position of the Chaplaincy and our Mission and Ministry by using as a principle the Church of England Ethical Investment Group Policy statement of Ethical Investment Policy.

General Synod and Diocesan Synod Representatives
Taking part in the Synods – both being nominated as a candidate or by voting – is an opportunity to make a difference and express commitment to work together with the wider church.

Our Chaplain is representing the Diocese in Europe at the House of Clergy.