The Chaplain

Position Vacant

Assistant Chaplain

The Revd Dr Mika Pajunen

PTO Clergy

In addition, the bishop of the Diocese in Europe has granted the Church of England´s  concessionary ministry license – a permission to officiate (PTO) – to the Rev’d Dr Mika Pajunen, the Rev’d Timo Viitanen, the Rev’d Kati Pirttimaa, the Rev’d Tuija Samila, the Rev’d Henri Järvinen, The Rev’d Jaakko Rusama, the Rev’d Miika Ahola, the Rev’d Isaac Ohaju, the Rev’d Parvez Gill, The Rev’d Amos Manga and The Rev’d Yousif Abujellha.

Licensed Readers

Keith Battarbee


Jayawin Jayapal

Director of Music

Erik Johannes Riekko

Safeguarding Officer

Dr Harriet Ehnholm

Church Council

Elina Glenday (Environment Officer)

Jane Mayhew-Smith

Keith Thomas


Dr Edward Roslof

Deanery Synod Rep

Paul Graves

Aina Bexell

Office Manager

Sarah Tahvanainen