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Yesterday was Ascension Day, a day when Christians celebrate Jesus' ascension to heaven forty days after the resurrection. This event is described in the first chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, which describes how very lively the disciples 'were gazing up towards heaven'. They might have stayed there for quite a long time if the two angels had not have asked them 'Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking up towards heaven?' So the disciples returned to Jerusalem, praying and waiting for the Holy Spirit.
The baptism font in Mikael Agricola Church is placed rather uniquely behind the altar. That is a place from which a Christian journey begins. On the way out, those who have been baptized, go around the altar. The altar is a place of prayer and communion and an altar of stone reminds us of the 'chief corner stone' , Jesus, upon whom faith and the church is built. Our journey continues out of the building, into the world, where we are to serve others and spread the good news of Christ.
I encourage you to dedicate these days between the Ascension Day and Pentecost (23 May) to prayer for the church and the world. You may do this by joining www.ThyKingdomCome.global prayer challenge from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. The Chaplaincy has been working together with Finnish Churches to translate TKC in Finnish. You may find prayers in Finnish at the same place.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done


All of our Services can be viewed live on Facebook, or you can click this link to
watch on our website: Worship With Us

This event was planned in anticipation that certain Coronavirus restrictions would be lifted on 16th May, but these have now been extended to May 30th. The Mayor of Helsinki will be making an announcement on Tuesday so we will wait until then to make a decision on whether or not the event can go ahead.
Pentecost Service & Picnic FINAL.FB

Join us for a calm and reflective moment in the week, every Thursday at 6.00pm. Click here to join us on zoom: Thursday Evening Prayer
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Notice about the AGM

Coronavirus restrictions on worship have been extended until the end of May and therefore the Church Council has decided to POSTPONE the Annual General Meeting until it is safe for us to meet in person. We have many members who would be unable to join a purely online meeting and it was felt that this would be both unfair and undesirable. In the interest of the whole Church community we will wait until there is a greater opportunity to gather physically, as the restrictions ease later on. We will know more this coming Tuesday when the Mayor of Helsinki is due to give a press conference. In the meantime you can read our Annual Report here: Annual Report 2020
We are working to make the AGM a hybrid event so that people can attend either physically or online.

At every AGM we elect the following roles:
2 Church Wardens
2 Deanery Synod Representatives
4 Council Members

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for one of these roles then you need to be on our Electoral roll. If you are not sure whether or not you are on the Electoral roll, or wish to join, then please contact Sarah in the office.

You can ask Sarah for the relevant nomination form or find it here at https://www.anglican.fi/registration-forms/

Please ask your proposer and seconder to email Sarah as they will not be able to physically sign the form. If you have any questions then please let us know!

The Council has been working on a Vision and Mission statement, to direct and inform all that we set out to do as a Church - now and in the future.

We are minded to adopt the statements below at the AGM, but first we would like to hear your views! This is something we all need to work on together so please do get in touch at office@anglican.fi and let us know what you think!

Our Vision

We seek to be an inclusive church,
that all who worship here may know the love of God through Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35

In response to the command that Jesus gave his disciples, we will be inclusive in our

Worship– actively encouraging people from all backgrounds and ages to be involved in our services
Relationships – welcoming and accepting people as they are, and valuing their contribution to our community life
Praying – supporting one another in prayer and joining with people from all faiths and denominations to pray for God’s world
Teaching – rooting God’s unconditional love in what we preach and in our discussions with young people
Actions – helping those in need, challenging injustice and inequality where we find it, and caring for God’s creation
Events – promoting friendship among our congregation, with the wider community in Finland and in the diocese of Europe

Sunday School & Youth Group:

At online Sunday School and Youth Group today, we talked about the love and care that our parents give to us and the immeasurable love that our Lord pours out on us. We learned the importance of sharing love to one another and watched an experiment which demonstrated how showing love will make a heavy heart lighter and lift up another person, see Jayawin's video at https://youtu.be/UVz4aw530ao Thank you God for your love and for our parents' love.
Online Sunday School & Youth Group meets on Zoom at 10am every Sunday


There's still time to watch this free concert from Anthony!

Available until Sunday, May 23rd, on YouTube. The programme features baroque and modern music for solo violin. Find the concert here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARMZQWSx77s
(Photo credit: Martin Chiang)

I think we’re still reeling from the shock of suddenly having lovely light evenings thrust upon us, just when we were resigning ourselves to seemingly never-ending, covid-infested winter gloom. Now that the giddiness has abated somewhat and the grip of the virus has somewhat relented, many of us are suddenly itching to get our fingers dirty and plant something. Sarah T, who seems to think I might have some ideas, suggested I might jot down a few. I think she meant the less idiotic ones!
Gardeners Corner (2)
I’m aware that most of you will have nothing or very little in the way of a garden or plot of land to grow stuff on. You should, though, will have a balcony or a well-lit window-ledge. Ideally, for growing flowers, herbs or veg the site shouldn’t be heavily shaded with trees and should receive at least a few hours of sunlight per day.If the balcony faces south, east or west you might be prepared to lash out and buy a few boxes. These should preferably be 20 cm deep and 15 cm wide and have drainage holes in the bottom. You will inevitably over-water from time to time and the excess water must be able to drain away properly (preferably onto the cigarette of the guy smoking one floor below). The roots of nearly all plants soon rot in water-logged soil and soggy cigarettes fizzle out for the same reason: lack of oxygen. Likewise, pots (minimum 15 cm diam, preferably 20 cm) should have drainage holes.

On a windowsill pots are handier than boxes. Clay (terracotta) or plastic pots? Most plants will grow quite well in plastic pots and with less water than in clay pots. Terracotta pots look much nicer and are better for growing many herbs that dislike wet feet (sage/maustesalvia, thyme/timjaani, rosemary), pelargoniums (geraniums if you’re British) and nasturtiums/koristekrassi. Clay pots evaporate through the sides and will need watering more often than plastic ones, but are better for the plants I listed above that prefer warmer and drier conditions . Glazed clay plots are a good and attractive compromise but are more expensive than the others. Pots will need a saucer underneath to catch excess drainage water; you can buy second-hand plates or saucers cheaply in Kierrätyskeskus or Kontti.

Before you start filling the boxes or pots with soil, it’s a good idea to sprinkle a centimetre or so of coarse material (road grit is ideal) over a double layer of newspaper covering the drainage holes. Then put the soil on top over the grit, firming lightly with finger pressure. Fill to within only 1 cm of the top.

Hint: if you want to combine the aesthetic character of terracotta pots with the advantage of plastic ones (less watering needed), you can line the inside with a used plastic bag of the type you buy fruit in. Remember to cut a generous drainage hole in the base of the bag before you fill the pot. Just trim the excess plastic down to the rim to complete the deception.

What kind of soil should you fill the pots or boxes with? Any of the proprietary brands on offer called ”puutarhamulta” will do. It may be tempting to buy 4 or 5 bags at a reduced rate, but unless you’re planning to use most of it up rather soon (during the same season) remember that harmful fungi and other ”bugs” can render the medium toxic to plants. Stored soil soon goes off especially if you have nowhere cool and dry to store any left over.

Here are some suggestions of what you might like to plant:

Directly sown flowers: nasturtiums/koristekrassi; the bush variety ’Tom Thumb’ won’t sprawl all over the place. Nasturtiums should go on flowering until the first frosts. You can eat the peppery
tasting leaves and the flowers, too – in salads. Sow 1-2 cm deep with 10 cm spacing between seeeds.

Directly sown veg or salads: lettuce/salaatti, sow thinly 1 cm deep. Radish/retiisi a little deeper, 2 cm spacing. Peas/herne: ’Kelvedon Wonder’ is widely available, sow 2 cm deep with 5cm spacing.
spring onion/hillosipuli: the reddish ’Apache’ is easier to grow than ’White Lisbon’. Sow thinly 2 cm deep.

Corms: Gladiolus – try to find the smaller-flowered Butterfly gladioli. Plant 5cm deep, 20 cm apart., 3-5 in a 20 cm pot.

Ready grown plants: pansies and violas. These don’t mind slight night frosts and tolerate more shade than the sun-lovers above.

More in the next newsletter: herbs, tomatoes, strawberries and flowers.

Peter J

(In the pictures below: magnolia, primroses, wood anenomes, & daffodils)

Creative ways to pray for 5 people

There are so many ways you can pray for your 5 people. You can tie 5 knots in a piece of string and attach it to your keyring so that each time you feel for your keys you can also say a quick prayer! Or you could plant 5 seeds and pray each day as you water them. Maybe each time you drink a cup of tea or coffee you could remember to pray? Let us know if you have any other creative ideas!
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There's still time to download these two short and beautifully written booklets produced by 'Thy Kingdom Come'

1) Novena - a Novena is simply 9 days of focused prayer. For each day there is a Psalm, some text and a picture. Click here for your free Novena booklet
2) Prayer Journal - This has some words of inspiration and comfort, and a prayer to offer for each day. Click here for your free Prayer Journal


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Holy Spirit, sent by the Father,
ignite in us your holy fire;
strengthen your children with the gift of faith,
revive your Church with the breath of love,
and renew the face of the earth,
through Jesus Christ our Lord

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