Anglican church taustakuvake
Dear subscriber,

This email is sent to clarify an unfortunate error in the original message. The subtitle in original message read 'No restrictions' whereas it should have read 'New restrictions'. Apologies

New, more tighter restrictions come in to force on Monday, 30 November. These will continue until Sunday 20 December.
Our services in Mikael Agricola Church continue as normal only ten persons are allowed to be in the church at any given time. Further, it is recommended that all non-essential gatherings should be suspended. While it remains to be my duty under the Canons of the Church of England to offer prayers - or cause them to be offered - it is not necessary for the members of the congregation to take any unnecessary risk by attending public worship. For this reason I ask you to say prayers at home and, if possible, to join in service online.

We began to stream our services already on Sunday, 22nd November. You willl find the online stream by clicking "Worship With Us" on our webpage (or clicking the link here). You may also follow the service on Facebook.

All age service on the First Sunday of Advent, 29 November, will be available at the same place.
With my best wishes and prayers in these difficult times. Please do contact me if you would like to speak to a priest or if you have any questions.

With my prayers and blessings on the Eve of First Sunday of Advent

Tuomas Mäkipää, Anglican Chaplain 050-3099132