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Update and reminder of COVID-19 Guidelines

Updated Guidelines for attending church services during pandemic

We come together for worship but are taking precautions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please take into consideration the following guidelines when coming to worship.
1 .Before entering the Church, please use the hand disinfectant provided or wash your hands in the vestibule bathrooms.
2. It is highly recommended that you wear a mask especially when coming to church, when leaving and at any point when the social distancing rules can not be followed.
3. The Vergers are here to ensure your safety and those of other members of the congregation by overseeing the seating arrangements and providing guidance during the service.
4. The seating arrangements in the Church have been planned to ensure that a two-metre distance is maintained. Please respect the “keep free areas” signs. If you are here with your family or individuals who live with you in the same household, you are welcome to sit together.
5. Should you feel the need to cough or sneeze, please use a tissue or your sleeve. Used tissues can be disposed of in the bin at the entrance.
6. At the point at which we are enjoined to share a sign of peace, please maintain a safe distance from other members of the congregation. The sign itself can take the form of a bow or a smile instead of shaking hands.
7. Holy Communion will be administered in the form of the wafer only. It is a clear principle of Anglican theology that the sacrament of Holy Communion is present and complete in either of the consecrated elements. The wafer will be administered by the Chaplain and you will be guided at this point in the service by the Vergers.
8. The Vergers will ensure that safe distancing is maintained when leaving the Church, please wait for their signal that it is safe to leave.
9. Offerings can be placed in a basket or charged to an online platform at the exit when leaving the service.
10. Please note that there is no post service gathering for tea and fellowship in the Crypt.

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