A message from the Chaplain:

Services in Espoo, AGM, Evensong and much more

Dear Friends,

It was very good to come back from my annual leave knowing that you have been in good hands. The Council has worked hard to ensure the continuity of our Sunday services in a safe way.

I have gathered here a lengthy information package on various topics. I look forward to seeing you in weeks to come!
Stay safe!

In Christ
Tuomas Mäkipää, Anglican Chaplain


The Services in Espoo resume on this coming Sunday, 6 September at 12.30. Since the Tapiola Church is closed for renovations, we will meetin in Tapiolan keskus (Tapiola Centre) instead. The venue is Virsu at Tapiontori 3 B , 02100 Espoo.
This is a simple, said Eucharist with hymns.

Safety during the services

Since the beginning of June, two vergers have looked after the safety during the services. The vergers greet you at the door and lead you to sit to your preferred place, making sure the rules concerning social distancing are followed.

At the time of Communion a verger will indicate when it is possible to move forward to receive the communion. The Communion is administered in one kind only. Please make a 'cup' with your hands and the officiating minister drops the wafer (communion bread) into your hands without touching you. Please use the hand sanitizer before receiving. Under these extra-ordinary circumstances only the priest receives the wine. Please do not feel that you are being given any less than the whole Christ: receiving in one kind only has a long tradition and our belief is that receiving bread alone is enough.

At the moment, only the officiating priest touches the bread, wine and the vessels used during the Holy Communion.


Currently the collection is not taken during the Offertory hymn but at the back of the Church. You may put the money intended for the collection in a basket or, you may make your donation by credit/debit card. Please choose the sum you wish to give to the collection and follow the instructions given on the screen. For the sums under 50 euros yoy may use contactless methdod by simply showing your card to the card reader. If you wish to cancel the payment, please tap the power button or ask a verger to help you.
The Chaplaincy does not benefit from church tax and Sunday collection are an important source of income.


St Nicholas Foundation is now fully operational. The Foundation seeks to promote Anglican Worship and Ministry in Finland by "raising funds and distributing grants to Anglican Church’s local congregations or other organisations that promote the Foundation’s purpose."
In order to fullfill its purpose the Foundation is arranging fundraisers, managing investment portfolio and welcomes all gifts in wills. More information about its Legacy Policy, Grants, contact details and the Rules of the Foundation can be found at www.stnicholasfoundation.fi

Choral Evensong

The Choir is rehearsing again on Thursday. Please find out more details and information from the Director of Music, Erki Riekko, erik.riekko@anglican.fi

We have plans to start regular service of Choral Evensong. The first planned Evensong is on Sunday 27th September. More details, including venue and exact time will be posted later as soon as we have been able to confirm these.

Sunday School

Sunday School is continuing a 'mixed-economy' approach. There is a virtual gathering of the Sunday School and a 'live gathering' in the Crypt of Mikael Agricola Church on most Sunday. Please ask more from our Sunday School teachers. For safety reasons information is not share online.

Safeguarding officer

The Chaplaincy Council seeks to appoint a new safeguarding officer. Our current safeguarding officer, Cat, has done excellent work for many years. Now she is ready to pass on the bucket to a new person. Is that you? Please contact Cat or me for further details. Please note that this post is subject to full safeguarding checks)

Pastoral visits

Pastoral visits at the moment are possible, following the guidelines of local authority. PLease contact the Chaplain at 050 309 9132 or chaplain@anglican.fi. (The Chaplain's voice mail does not work at the moment, please call again later if I am unable to answer).

Baptisms, Marriage services and Funeral services

Baptisms and funerals can be arranged as normal currently. Local Authority guidelines on the maximum number of attendance and social distancing must be observed. This might limit the number of people gathering in a church or a chapel. Please contact the Chaplain for more details.

Annual Chaplaincy meeting

In the Crypt of Mikael Agricola Church, Tehtaankatu 23, on Sunday 27th September after the Sung Eucharist.


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Apologies and attendance
  3. Appointment of meeting officials
  4. Minutes of 2019 EGM
  5. Annual Report 2019 and Auditor's statement
  6. Approval of the Church Accounts from the fiscal year 2019 and Discharging the Council from the liability for the Chaplaincy Accounts from the period 1.1.2019-31.12.2020
    That this meeting approves the Church account from fiscal year 2019 and discharges the Chaplaincy Council from the liability for the Chaplaincy Account from the period of 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2020.
  7. Confirmation of Electoral Roll
    To take note
  8. Election of church officials
    1. Election of two Churchwardens
    2. Election of members to the Chaplaincy Council (4)
    3. Election of one Deanery Synod representative (2)
  9. Budget for 2020
    To take note
  10. Any other business
  11. Closing Prayer
Files (please click)
Annual Report 2019
Auditor's statement
Budget for 2020