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Dear friends,

This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent; a season of expectation and preparation as we look to celebrate the coming (adventus) of Christ in his incarnation. In Helsinki, Christmas markets, including our own, will be in full swing and festive preparations begin apace. And whilst many enjoy the season there will be some for whom this time is lonely, dark, or painful. But in our haste or in our solitude, Advent reminds us there is a peace that we can all find in the birth of Jesus - whose love saves us all and is with us all.


Advent Calendar by Rowan Williams

He will come like last leaf’s fall.
One night when the November wind
has flayed the trees to bone, and earth
wakes choking on the mould,
the soft shroud’s folding.

He will come like frost.
One morning when the shrinking earth
opens on mist, to find itself
arrested in the net
of alien, sword-set beauty.

He will come like dark.
One evening when the bursting red
December sun draws up the sheet
and penny-masks its eye to yield
the star-snowed fields of sky.

He will come, will come,
will come like crying in the night,
like blood, like breaking,
as the earth writhes to toss him free.
He will come like child.

Rowan Williams is a Welsh Anglican bishop, theologian and poet. He was the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, a position he held from December 2002 to December 2012.


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SUNDAY 28th NOVEMBER- FIRST SUNDAY IN ADVENT. Click here for the Order of Service

10am Eucharist - Join us as we light the the first Advent candle which reminds us of the Patriarchs
God of Abraham and Sarah,
and all the patriarchs of old,
you are our Father too.
Your love is revealed to us in Jesus Christ,
Son of God and Son of David.
Help us in preparing to celebrate his birth
to make our hearts ready for your Holy Spirit
to make his home among us.
We ask this through Jesus Christ,
the light who is coming into the world.

Jeremiah 33.14-16
1 Thessalonians 3.9-13

Luke 21.25-36
ist sunday of advent


St Andrew's Day is on 30th November

Daniel Jack explains why he'll be celebrating!

Scotland's Saltire Scholarship | GCU
The United Kingdom is unique. As a Brit you would expect me to say that. But in doing so I am not boasting; merely stating the obvious. It is unique in the sense that no other country has such a special composition: 4 nations in one state.

And it is for that reason, when it comes to national days of celebration, the UK is all over the place. There is no UK national day for example, similar to the 4th of July which has a special place in the hearts and minds of our American cousins. And whilst we have the annual celebration of the Queen's birthday, that is more a celebration of the personality and institution of the monarchy, rather than the UK per se.
So instead it falls to each of the four constituent parts of the Kingdom, the Home Nations as we call them, to celebrate their own Saint's Days. And on 30 November we celebrate Saint Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland (and of course a whole host of other nations, including our neighbour Russia).

There is deep affection in Scotland for our Patron Saint. His diagonal crucifixion cross is emblazoned on the national flag, the Saltire, and his name can be found across towns and cities throughout the land but nowhere more prominently than in the ancient town which bears his name. There you will find the oldest university in Scotland, founded in 1413. St Andrews University is of course the place where the future King, the Earl of Strathearn, met the Countess when they were both students there. (In Scotland, the Royal Family use those titles which pertain to the Kingdom of Scotland).

Today, for most Scots, St Andrew's Day provides an opportunity for us to reflect on our "Scottishness". That is, what is it that makes us different, dare I say even unique? And whilst there could be, and indeed are, many different answers to that question, for most of us it is a sense of openness, generosity and welcome, along with a strong pride in our history.

And in that spirit, throughout the world (except Finland - make of that what you will) you will find hundreds of St Andrew's Societies, originally set up by wealthy merchants and businessmen amongst the Scottish diaspora to look after the material welfare of fellow Scots in their localities. For example, in the early 1900s Andrew Carnegie donated $200,000 to the St Andrew's Society of New York State for that purpose. That equates to around $6,000,000 in today's money. Today, St Andrew's Societies still play a role in looking after indigent Scots, but this is complemented with the promotion and preservation of Scottish culture.

So this coming Tuesday, I, like many other Scots, will give thanks for my heritage and for our Patron Saint, Andrew. The story of his calling has a special resonance for me. Brought up in a fishing village in NE Scotland and coming from a fishing family I remember being amazed when, as a young boy, I first heard the story in Sunday School. Andrew, along with his brother Peter, when called by Jesus "straightway left their nets and followed Him". I knew the significance of looking after and caring for fishing nets, my father drilled that into us. The nets had to be treated reverently because without them there would be no catch and no catch meant no livelihood.

And yet, here was an experienced fisherman who simply abandoned these valuable assets at the sound of His voice. What a remarkable demonstration of faith by a remarkable man.

Christmas Bazaar 4.12.21


Covid safety update

We are taking extra precautions to protect the safety of stall holders and visitors this year:
  • Covid passport/certificate for all visitors will be necessary. You can get the passport on your phone and this will be scanned at the entrance to the crypt. For more information on how to obtain your Covid Passport click here https://www.kanta.fi/en/covid-19-certificate
  • Numbers of visitors in the crypt limited to 50 at any one time
  • Designated entry and exit signs for the crypt
  • Masks and use of hand gel available and encouraged
  • Food from the cafe will be takeaway only to avoid having people lingering in the crypt and to avoid masks being removed
  • No singing indoors
We kindly ask that masks are worn inside the crypt and that visitors/stall holders only attend if healthy, for the safety of all.

Last chance to buy from The Bazaar Web Shop- pureed pumpkin, mince pies and christmas puddings are back in stock! Please put your orders in by Tuesday if possible as that is the day we will be packing up the pre-orders. Buying from the webshop is easy and so is picking up your bag of shopping from the lovely Rebecca at the Bazaar! If you have already made an order and do not have a Covid passport then you can arrange with Sarah to pick up your order from the office midweek or after the Sunday Eucharist.
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A moment of fun in the office today!
St Nicholas' Bazaar
Last minute volunteers needed!
If you can help at the British food stall please let us know! We also need help setting up on Saturday morning - especially moving the tables and chairs!

Baked goods - please bring these at least half an hour before the start of the Bazaar, if possible. We also need to know ingredients for allergy information - you can email these to office@anglican.fi in advance or bring the information on a card to display with the food. Thank you!

St Nicholas' Christmas Bazaar (Poster (Landscape))

If you would like to sing in the choir for our annual festival of Nine Lessons and Carols then please get in touch with Erik. Rehearsals start on December 1st!

Nine lessons & carols.2 (1)


Please join us this Sunday as we assemble a Christmas tree for the Bazaar and making decorations for it!
Thank you to Joel from Youth Group and Arthur and Joel G for playing in the band last Sunday! Thank you also to Edie for taking this photo and for helping out with the All Age Talk

Sunday School takes place on Sundays at 10am in the crypt! Please wash and sanitize hands on arrival.


Please contact Erik at erik.riekko@anglican.fi if you have any questions about the choir.


Saturday 4th December
Annual Bazaar! 12-15.30
Sunday 5th December
Evensong cat Tööloön Kirkko
Wednesday 15th December
Service of Nine Lessons & Carols
Sunday 19th December
All Age Service with Nativity Play
Sunday 16th January
Evensong at Tööloön Kirkko


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Almighty God, give us grace to cast away the works of darkness and to put on the armour of light, now in the time of this mortal life, in which your Son Jesus Christ came to us in great humility; that on the last day, when he shall come again in his glorious majesty to judge the living and the dead, we may rise to the life immortal; through him who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Porvoo Prayer Calendar
Scottish Episcopal Church: Diocese of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, Bishop Ian Paton
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland: Diocese of Porvoo, Bishop Bo-Göran Åstrand


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