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Dear friends,

A reminder that Father Tuomas is now on Summer leave and returns 8th August, during which time Father Parvez will be presiding over the Sunday Eucharist and available for pastoral needs. We look forward to having a Choir back this Sunday! If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,


All of our Services can be viewed live on Facebook, or you can click this link to
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10am Sung Eucharist in Mikael Agricola
Order of Service

Exodus 16.2-4, 9-15
Ephesians 4.1-16

John 6.24-35

(Picture Credit: Gathering of the Manna by Tissot)
manna in the desert

We need volunteers each week for our Sunday Services. Please sign up here: Sign-up Rotas

(Alternatively you can email Sarah at office@anglican.fi)


Granny's Tips! By Diana Webster

ICECREAM STICKS: Don’t throw away those sticks from your ice creams and lollies! Instead, just clean them quickly in hot water and leave them to dry. You can write on them in waterproof ink and they make wonderful markers for seeds and plants. Give them to gardening friends if you can’t use them yourself. They also mean you don’t have to buy unecological plastic markers instead, so you can feel a touch of virtue as you finish your icecream.
GETTING RID OF FRUIT FLIES . July-August is the time in Finland for a plague of fruit flies to invade your kitchen and for clouds of them to rise up from your rubbish, plates and surfaces. You can trap them by taking any used plastic container ( a small bowl like those for yoghurts, dips, soups, etc) and half filling it with vinegar, stale beer, fruit juice, wine etc - any sweet liquid. Cover the bowl tightly with cling film. Pierce a few holes in the cling film with a tooth pick or anything that makes a small hole. The fruit flies will smell the liquid and find their way in through the holes, but won’t find their way out again. After a few days, dispose of the bowl and start again. The thought of drowning anything is not pleasant, but at least you can comfort yourself that those doing so in wine or beer probably went happily.
P.S. The same trick of filling a bowl with stale beer and making a hole for it in a snail-ridden spot in your garden will make a Snail Trap.

If you have any other useful tips to share please let us know at office@anglican.fi!

5 Islands to visit

The following islands can be reached within a 15 minute boat ride! The JT-Line waterbus runs either daily or at weekends until the end of September.

1) Pihlajasaari - a popular summer island with sandy beaches, a nature path, cooking shelter, cafe and restaurant. The ferry runs from Merisatamanranta and Ruoholahti.
2) Mustasaari - owned by Helsinki Parish Union, the island is open for everybody & has a playground, shallow beach, cafe, and a programme of events. A regular moment of prayer is organized daily. The ferry departs from Taivallahti.
3) Vallisaari - a nature island with beautiful views, it opened up to the public in 2016. It has a very interesting history! Find out more at nationalparks.fi
4) Lonna - a small island, part of Suomenlinna fortress area. Used to be a base for storing and clearing mines but now has a restaurant, cafe and sauna. The waterbus leaves from Market Square's Kolera-allas pier
5) Katajanokanluoto - a small island between the mainland and Suomenlinna, it was formerly used as a pilot station. The island only opened up to the public in 2020 and can be reached from the Market Aquare's Keisarinluoto Pier. It has a cafe seving pizzas and pan coffee.


Volunteering Opportunities in Finland

This website has a wonderful list of charitable organisations that you can volunteer for: https://kansalaisareena.fi/volunteering/

ANNUAL CHAPLAINCY MEETING - Sunday 29th August 2021

If you wish to propose someone for one of the lay roles in our Chaplaincy then now is the time to encourage them before our ACM! You can pick up a form at the back of church or download it from the website and, if the person you wish to stand agrees then you can sign the section which requires them to have a 'Proposer'. The completed forms can be handed back to Rebecca at the entrance, or to the Churchwardens. We have a leaflet at the back of Church which gives an overview of the lay roles which are so vital to the life of the Chaplaincy!

Please remember that in order to stand for election or to vote at the meeting you need to be on the Electoral Roll. If you added your name to the electoral roll back in 2019 then you don't need to put your name down again until 2025, but if you are unsure or would like to check then please don't hesitate to get in touch with Sarah in the office.

To be added to the Electoral Roll and/or to stand for one of our lay roles then please fill out the relevant form and return it before the ACM. You can now pick up nomination and electoral roll forms at the back of Church or download them from our website: https://www.anglican.fi/registration-forms/

Our Annual Report is available here: Annual Report 2020


Check out the back page of the service booklet! If there is room we will include a fun activity for kids!
Sunday School and Youth Group resumes soon in the Church crypt


Please contact Erik if you would like to sing in the choir or wish to find out about rehearsals.

COVID guidelines when coming to worship at St Nicholas


Those with symptoms of Covid-19 or other respiratory or flu-like illness, or an elevated temperature, or who are particularly vulnerable to infection should not attend public services, but join our online worship.


Sunday 15th August
Baptism Service
Sunday 22nd August
Baptism Back to School Service
Sunday 29th August
Annual Chaplaincy Meeting after the service
Sunday 5th September
Choral Evensong
18.00 from Töölön kirkko
Sunday 3rd October
Harvest Festival
Sunday 14th November
Remembrance Sunday
Saturday 4th December
Annual Bazaar!


In these difficult times your continued support is greatly appreciated and if possible we would ask you to consider donating towards our ongoing costs by clicking here to be directed to our easy Donate buttons or by means of a bank transfer using the details below:

Suomen Anglikaaninen Kirkko (The Anglican Church in Finland)
IBAN: F173 3131 1000 3282 07


Gracious Father,
revive your Church in our day,
and make her holy, strong and faithful,
for your glory's sake
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Porvoo Prayer Calendar
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lithuania: Bishop Mindaugas Sabutis
Church of Ireland: Diocese of Derry and Raphoe, Bishop Andrew Foster


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