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This time of the year is known as Petertide, drawing its name from the Feast of St Peter falling on 29th June, and is known to be the season of ordinations. Many new deacons and priests have started their ministry in the Diocese in Europe and in the wider Church of England and Anglican Communon. It is perhaps good to note that the deacons and priests are ordained to serve in the Church of God – not in a particular church or parish or chaplaincy – or even in particular denomination. The church, or an individual chaplaincy, does not ever exist for itself and its own members but is always to look outward, welcoming all.

Bishop David has invited me to become an Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands. This does not mean a full-time job in the Diocesan office but more assisting the Director of Ordinands by interviewing postulants, those who are discerning if they are called to ordained ministry. After reading their papers and interviewing the candidate, I write a report to the Director of Ordinands who, together with the Diocesan Ministry Team, will decide the best way forward for the candidate. The ministry in the church is much more than just ordained ministry. We all form a royal priesthood, worshipping and serving together.

The General Synod of the Church of England gathers for the last meeting of this quinquennium (which was actually six years – not five – due to COVID). The synod’s Agenda is quite full and has some items which will, in no doubt, be considered controversial. One of these is the Vision and Strategy paper which is debated on Monday. You may follow the Synod live stream here. I have been a member of the General Synod as a Proctor in the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury (in other words, a member of the General Synod’s House of Clergy). Though the word proctor refers to a representative, the Synod members are just that: members who bring to the debate their own views and experiences. In reality, of course, the Synod has different groupings which are seeking support for their shared views.

Here are two prayers for this weekend:

A collect for Embertide

Almighty God,
you have entrusted to your Church
a share in the ministry of your Son our great high priest:
inspire by your Holy Spirit the hearts of many
to offer themselves for the ministry of your Church,
that, strengthened by his power,
they may work for the increase of your kingdom
and set forward the eternal praise of your name;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

A collect for the General Synod

Almighty God,
you have given your Holy Spirit to the Church
to lead us into all truth:
bless with the Spirit’s grace and presence
the members of the General Synod of the Church of England;
keep them steadfast in faith and united in love,
that they may manifest your glory
and prepare the way of your kingdom;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In Christ,


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Order of Service

Amos 7.7-15
Ephesians 1.3-14

Mark 6.14-29
worship outdoors

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Read the latest news around the Diocese of Europe in their magazine! You might recognise a certain photo from the Sunday School Summer party!
Gardeners Corner (2)
Hello again, you busy gardeners! By now, your balcony-boxes and pots should be growing apace, but like me, you will probably be tired of all the watering needed to keep your babies thriving. Especially sub-tropical plants such as tomatoes are whooping up this summer’s hot weather and, moved into larger pots than the ones we originally put them in, will be growing with Mediterranean exuberance.
(How I wish we could de-pot into smaller helmets these moped terrors that seem to be roaring around our precincts like out-of-control cucumbers –- but I suppose this moped pestilence is an additional drawback of this summer’s Mediterranean weather?!).

It’s possible, though, that you haven’t had time or energy to water your plants as often as they would need – or 2 or or 3 days of absence visiting your cottage may have proved too much for them. If they fail to recover, it’s not the end of the world. You might decide to scrap the sad plantings and invest in some geraniums to give colour during the rest of the summer. Move them into larger pots, though.

If you decide upon scrapping hopeless cases, there’s no need to throw the old potting compost away. Spread it out somewhere to dry it, and store the dried soil for re-use. You probably wouldn’t get away with doing this in Britain where vine-weevils are apt to leave destructive larvae in old soil, but an entomologist friend informs me that these pests have not yet established themselves in Finland. Therefore, until vine-weevils find their way into this country (that’s probably just a matter of time with all the pot plants imported from Holland) it’s reasonably safe to re-use once-planted up soil, eg., by mixing it with an equal part of fresh soil and adding seaweed fertiliser or home-made compost. You can use the reconditioned mix for planting bulbs such as tulips in the autumn.

If your pot plants recover adequately from a spell or erratic watering, it isn’t too late to buy some bigger pots + potting compost and give the roots more space. For another installment, I’ll try to mug up about bokashi composting: a technique (which I confess I haven’t used myself) you should be able to use in your apartment to convert kitchen and plant remains into usable compost to feed your pots and boxes. After all, it’s ecological to try to re-use and recycle the plants and living soil as far as possible and minimise the amount of stuff (especially plastic) we discard completely.

Peter Joy

Crispbread with seeds

by Pimma Knight

This is a nice and tasty `näkkileipä´, which is good especially with cheese. It´s gluten free and lactose free, so most people can have it. This is actually one of my hubby´s favourites.

If you have a recipe you would be willing to share then please email it to Sarah at office@anglican.fi.
2 dl cornflou (not starch). “Risena maissijauho” is available in most shops - see photo
1,75 dl of different seeds for example flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds
0,5 dl dl (olive) oil
2,5 dl boiling water
(1 tablespoon anis or fennel seeds)
(finger salt)
Bake 60 min. at 150 degrees C in a convection oven,
corn flour
Mix cornflour with the seeds and spices. I usually use 1dl of flax seeds and 0,75dl of sunflower and sesame seeds (total 1,75 dl). Add to the mix the boiling water and the oil.
Take a big oven tray (uunipelti) and cover it with a sheet of baking paper. Lay a new big sheet of baking paper on top of the sticky pastry and start pressing it down with your hands, on top of the baking paper, and spread it evenly over the whole oven pan. It should cover the whole pan and be very thin.
Bake at 150 degrees C for circa 60 minutes till it feels dry and crunchy, but it is important you use a convection oven (kiertoilmauuni). (I don’t think the liquid evaporates so well with a normal oven program and the bread doesn’t get so crunchy). You can add some finger salt on top of the ready bread and just break it into smaller pieces. Enjoy!

    Annual Chaplaincy Meeting - Sunday 29th August 2021

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    COVID guidelines

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    3. The Vergers are here to ensure your safety and those of other members of the congregation by overseeing the seating arrangements and providing guidance during the service. They will ask you for a phone number when you arrive at Church, this is for purely for contact tracing.
    4. The seating arrangements have been planned to ensure that a two-metre distance is maintained. If you are here with your family or individuals who live with you in the same household, you are welcome to sit together.
    5. Should you feel the need to cough or sneeze, please use a tissue. Used tissues can be disposed of in the bin at the entrance. It is recommended that each individual or each family carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer.
    6. At the Peace, please maintain a safe distance from other members of the congregation. The sign itself can take the form of a wave or smile instead of shaking hands.
    7. Holy Communion will be administered in the form of the wafer only. The wafer will be administered by the Chaplain and you will be guided at this point in the service by the Vergers. If you wish to receive Holy Communion then please extend your hands, with face covering in place. You may lower or unloop your face mask to consume the consecrated bread and then replace the face mask before moving back to your place in the congregation.
    8. The Vergers will ensure that safe distancing is maintained when leaving the Church, please wait for their signal that it is safe to leave.
    9. Contactless giving is available at the entrance/exit. Offerings can also be placed in a basket at the exit when leaving the service.
    10. Please note that there is no post-service gathering for tea and fellowship in the Crypt.
    11. Online Sunday School finishes on 30th May and resumes in early August. At this point we are not permitted to hold Sunday School in the crypt.
    Those with symptoms of Covid-19 or other respiratory or flu-like illness, or an elevated temperature, or who are particularly vulnerable to infection should not attend public services, but join our online worship.


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    Creator God,
    you made us all in your image:
    may we discern you in all that we see,
    and serve you in all that we do,
    through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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