March 2020

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Dear Friends
As you all know, the Government has introduced a series of emergency measures aimed at limiting the impact on the health of the population from the coronavirus. These are unprecedented times for most of us: we have never experienced anything like this before and we need to do what we can to help each other. For many this will be a time of anxiety and uncertainty and some will look to their faith and to the Church for guidance and support.

Although our services have been suspended, it is important for you to know that St Nicholas' – as a congregation and community – remains active and is here for you. Although we cannot physically meet together to worship as we would like, we can share in our worship through other means.

From Sunday, 29th March we are sharing short video clips of the relevant Old Testament and New Testament readings, along with prayers and a short message from Chaplain on our social media channels. In addition we will be looking at ways of increasing our social media output through sharing material from other congregations and individuals. For those of our number not on social media we will be posting out copies of the readings, prayers and key message each week.

Throughout the coming period, Chaplain will be saying morning prayer each Sunday at Mikael Agricola Church. Although the Church will be empty, our hope is that we, as a community of faith, will feel part of an on-going cycle of prayer.

Daniel Jack
Communications Office
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Message from our Bishops

"In our diocese, stretched over many time zones, the prayer life of communities continues and our chaplaincies continue to be served by our clergy, lay ministers and Churchwardens.
Over the coming days, both our own website and the Church of England website will be populated with a range of creative written and video resources to support our clergy, lay ministers, congregations, families and individuals in their commitment to ensure that the voice of prayer is never silent!"

With the assurance of our continuing prayers,
Bishop Robert and Bishop David
Multilingual information on coronavirus, click the link above

Food Bank for individuals in need of food is organized by the Evangelical Lutheran parishes in Helsinki. Food items, in single plastic bags, are distributed in various places around Helsinki every weekday Monday to Friday at 13.
For more information (in Finnish) including the Addresses, click the link below.

1st of May

Revd Parvez
was blessed
for his new ministry

Father Parvez, a priest from the Church of Pakistan, was blessed into auxiliary ministry in the Chaplaincy. Fr Parvez and his Pakistani community enriched the Sung Eucharist with music and singing in Urdu. Our Bishop David wrote about his visit with us in his Blog. Link to the Blog on the left.
Help needed for a school project on school bullying at Diak Univ. of Applied Sciences

Hans Krause Pastor for ministry in English in Lutheran parishes in Helsinki, send an email:

Four international students at Diak (Diakonia University of Applied Sciences) are writing a short English guide about school bullying, meant for international / multicultural parents and teachers. The purpose is to help adults deal with issues when esp. non-native Finnish children are being bullied at school: What to do, whom to tell, where to turn for help, etc. The guide is based on an earlier version written in several other languages, but the students want to publish an improved English version now.

We are looking now for educational professionals and parents with experience of school bullying. If you are a teacher and have had to deal with school bullying, or if you are a parent whose kids have experienced bullying at school, your knowledge and experience, questions, frustrations etc. can be really helpful in making this new English guide useful for others. (Also, if you are leader or active in your church and you know of school bullying cases, you might be able to give us some more contacts.)

Would you be willing to help these four students by telling about your experience, giving some hints at paths for resolving bullying at school, and reading and commenting on the four-page guide in English? It really does not take much of your time. And of course, everything you share is absolutely confidential.

Please, let me know by email, so I can forward your contact information to these four students. Contribution to the project does not require meeting face-to-face. The students will contact you through email and phone. If you know of any other valuable contacts that might be able to help, you are welcome to forward this email to them.

Grateful for your help,
Kind regards,
Hans Krause Pastor for ministry in English
Lutheran parishes of Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa