May 2020

St Nicholas News

How have we continued being the Church when the Church has left its building?

That was the question World Council of Churches asked in the beginning of their webinar. How to be #ChurchAtHome , they asked for participants to think and tweet.

From our perspective, I must say, the Anglican Church of St Nicholas has found diverse ways! (And of course, I had to tweet so that everyone would know.)

I shared about how we serve Anglicans and English speaking Christians in Finland (left to mention - all around the world!) with ChaplainĀ“s Sunday Reflections (in YouTube), by streaming our Sunday Services (in Facebook) and posting and tweeting Prayers in pictures (in Twitter and Facebook).

I continued our list sharing - with proud! - about our #OnlineSundaySchool which is meeting (via Zoom) on Sunday mornings. They share such lovely pictures and thoughts after each Sunday School. (I sometimes wish I could be a child again and join in!)

We do try to ensure everyone feels connected and none of our community feels left behind. Digital Literacy is something we all are asked to learn. I hope, that if you feel unsure about the technicalities of Facebook or Zoom or YouTube, you would contact our Chaplain or another member of St Nicholas to assist you. I am sure everyone is happy to help!

Church is a community, and community experience is, at its best, when we see each other face to face, eye to eye. Our newest "member" in our #OnlineMinistry is
#VirtualChurchCoffee on Sunday afternoons at 1pm (via Zoom).

Our first virtual meeting was just last Sunday, and is happening every Sunday from now on! This coming Sunday, May 3, 2020 our Chaplain Tuomas is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting at 01:00 PM. To join the Zoom Meeting, copy the link and add the Meeting ID:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 827 2491 7534

Until we meet again in real life, I hope you can feel - and find - yourself connected with St Nicholas community with many new and diverse ways - online.

With kind regards,
Virpi Paulanto
Communications Coordinator