Dear all,

It has been a very good holiday for me and the family. We did not travel anywhere far but enjoyed visiting new places in Finland. Did you know that the Emperor of Brazil, Pedro II, visited Imatra? Or that a car manufactured for King George VI of England can be found in Eastern Finland?
All bishops of the Anglican Communion were invited to the Lambeth Conference - though some decided not to come as they were not sure it would be beneficial. Much prayer is needed for the Communion which is trying to find unity and strengthen it. The Archbishop of Canterbury reminded us that every province has made their doctrinal decisions after carefully study, discussion and reception.
It is, perhaps, a much needed reminder that it was not the Disciples who were inviting Jesus to the last supper in the upper room. It is Jesus who invites us to come to the receive communion. And, as all the Disciples came and ate with him despite their different views and understanding, so Christ invites us all to come.
Thank you for Sarah, the Churchwardens and everyone who have assisted during may absence. Thank you for Mika and Isaac for presiding and preaching.
Welcome to Mika's licensing as Assistant Chaplain 8n Mikael Agricola Church this Sunday, 7th August at 10:00. Archdeacon Leslie Nathaniel presides and preaches.

In Christ,

The Revd Tuomas Mäkipää
Area Dean for Finland
Chaplaincy of St Nicholas, Helsinki
+358 50 309 9132
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