IMG_2334 copysmallThis is the time of the year when the schools are asking from the parents what kind of religious instruction their children should receive. Religious instruction in schools is non-confessional or non-indoctrinating; it is to give basic information about the child’s own religious tradition and to give tools to understand and to engage with different kinds of views and beliefs. A large part of the studies is to learn about world religions. Religious instruction is a compulsory subject in the national curriculum which all pupils must receive.

Those who are registered as Anglicans can choose from the following:

a) to attend evangelical-lutheran instruction

b) to attend elämänkatsomustieto – general studies in world views and ethics

c) to ask for Anglican religious instruction (the city must arrange this if there is at least 3 (three) pupils who wish to have this. It is your constitutional right. The instruction in Anglicanism is then given in your child’s own school (classes 1 to 6))

In different cities and municipalities the way you make the choice varies. For example, Helsinki and Vantaa have separate forms but in Espoo, you need to indicate your choice in the form by which the school gathers information in the beginning of every school year.

Links to the forms are here:



If you decide to ask for Anglican religious instruction, the classes are arranged if there is more than 3 pupils within the city (not in one school but in the whole city). If there is no “Anglican class”, you can choose as a second option either 1) evangelical Lutheran, or 2) general ethics and worldview (elämänkatsomustieto).

Teacher and teaching material are then provided by the city.

So, in fact, being an Anglican gives your more options to what kind of studies your child can have!


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